“I like coming to dance because I get to see my friends, to see my awesome teachers, and it is so so so SO much fun to be here.  I’ve been here for four years and throughout all the time that I’ve been here they have been like a second family to me!”  Natalie C. (Student)

“The reason I like to come to theater is that I can act, sing, and dance. I love to see my friends.  My directors and the interns are the best.  I love dance because dancing with my teacher is awesome!! Theater is my favorite thing.  Between Friends is my favorite place to dance and do theater. I love all the cool stuff in the gift shop.  The costumes are great.  The snacks are great. The reason I’m in my sixth show here is because, this place is the best.”  Abby M.(Student)

“Next Generation Theatre has been like a second home for me for the past three years.  Everything I have done there has shaped me to be the teenager I am today.  I learned how to sing there and I learned how to act there without either of those I would be a completely different person.  From Playing Town Crier 4 in “Cinderella” to Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” it has all been like I was a part of a big musical family.  I hate to think that I’ll have to leave this family and grow up.” Bridget S. (Student)

“This is a wonderful group working with local talent and offering a lot to the community. Bravo!”   Kathleen M. (Brewer, Maine)

“I love this venue!  The shows that the kids do are always top-notch and very enjoyable.  I have also enjoyed other productions from outside of the children’s programs, such as “The Focus Group” and Bangor Community Theatre productions.  I haven’t yet attended a musical event here, but assume that it would be perfect.  I myself am trying to get back on the stage, and look forward to the possibility of performing in this cozy and comfortable (yet very adequate!) theatre.  The refreshment nook is a nice touch, as well as the cafe tables and sofas along the sides of the main seating area.  Owner Tracy and her crew are always cordial and happy!”  Randy H. (Bangor, Maine)

“My children became involved with the dance and theatre programs at Next Generation Theatre about a year ago.  Words can not describe what this place has done for them!  It’s so wonderful to see the smiles on their faces, Tracy and her team have given them something to look forward to and to be PROUD of! Thank you Tracy, Rachel, and Sarah for boosting my childrens’ self-esteem and for doing such a great job.”  Laura H. (Bangor, Maine)

“I have been going to Next Generation Theatre for one year and I love it.  Next Generation Theatre is a caring place.  You feel safe and loved.  Next Generation Theatre makes you feel good about yourself.  Everybody is so nice here.  Everyday I come here I never want to leave.” Becca K. (Student)

“As a performer, I can’t say enough good things about Next Generation Theatre. It’s a wonderfully intimate setting, where you connect with the audience and they become part of the show. The people are great to work with and they’ve become a valuable part ofthe arts community in the area. Thanks for letting us play in your space!” Rich K. (Bangor, Maine)

“I LOVE Next Generation Theatre!  Everybody is so nice and loving.  The directors are so helpful and patient with us.  I am always so happy to be there with all my friends.  I look forward to rehearsals an shows.  The shows are so awesome and crazy fun.” David R. (Student)

“If I could give this place 10 stars I would!  They care so much about the children involved in their programs.  The productions they put on are unreal.  They give such opportunities to all the children.  All three of my children are now hooked!  I can’t imagine this place not being a part of our lives!  Thank you Tracy!” Amy F. (Holden, Maine)