Starting the week of January 1st, 2018
Our 2018 schedule will run as follows:

**Class Schedule Subject to Change According to Enrollment: See Class Fees below

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Between Friends Art Center is truly a kid-oriented community space that focuses on providing opportunity in the arts in a way that your child will find enjoyable while ensuring that you, as parents, don’t have to break the budget. Next Generation Dance Studio’s number one priority is to provide quality, affordable, and fun dance instruction in a variety of genres for your child, including; Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Irish Step, Clogging, Musical Theatre, and Hip-Hop. These classes are offered at different levels from pre-school ages and up. Our team of talented dance instructors come from a variety of dance backgrounds, but teach with one goal in mind: YOUR CHILDREN!

For your convenience, we at Next Generation Dance Studio want to keep the cost affordable so that all children from all family sizes are able to enjoy the art of dance!  That is why there is no registration fee and tuition fees are kept as low as possible! It is necessary, however for classes to be charged on a monthly basis, not per class. This is customary for all dance studios. The monthly fee is based on the average of a four week per month class schedule. However, there are some months where due to vacations, holidays, weather, teacher availability, or just the way the calendar falls, there may be more than four classes, or less than four classes. Remember, it is based on an average of four classes per month, and tends to even out in the end. Payment is expected on the last week of the month to pay for the following month.

Discounts are given when a student takes multiple classes per week, or when there are siblings from the same household taking classes as well.  The monthly payment schedule is as follows:

45-60 minute class:      $40/month
90 minute class:            $65/month
2nd class add-on:          $36
3rd class add-on:           $32
4th class add-on:           $28
5th class add-on:           $24
Family plan is 6 classes or more for $160/month and includes all family members and multiple classes!


Dance Recital

If you wish for your child to participate in the 2018 recital we will be requiring a $30 costume payment by October 31st 2017, which will be applied to the cost of the child’s recital costume. Recital costumes can cost between $20 and $30 per child.  If the costume costs less than $30 the balance will  either be refunded or applied to other outstanding costumes or lesson fees.  If your child/children will be in more than one dance in recital, there will be a second $30 deposit required towards costumes by January 31st, 2018.  The Tap and Ballet Combination classes will have two costumes or a 2 in 1 costume for recital. To alleviate the burden of a parent having to pay for several costumes all at once, we wish to spread out the cost of each costume over 8 months.  As the recital is optional, a student not wishing to participate may opt out of the costume fee.  However it may be difficult or impossible to order a costume at a later date if the child changes his or her mind.

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