Clay Birds


Step 1

This project uses oven bake clay. My favorite brand to use is Sculpy. It is softer and easier to condition before use.

Breaking off about 1/4 – 1/2 (depending upon what size bird you want to make) of a block of the Sculpy color you want for your bird, flatten and roll into a ball several time to condition (soften) the clay. Also take a pinch of whatever color you want for your beak, and two tiny pinches of black for eyes. Roll all into individual balls, as shown in the picture.
Take two pieces from the ball of bird color, and form two balls. Then flatten into tear-drop shape for wings. Take the remaining bird color and shape into a peanut-looking shape, slightly bigger on one end than the other.

Step 2

Taking a piece of wire and using needle nose pliers, bend two toes. Then making the leg the length you want, fold wire at the top of one leg to form the next leg. Finish by making two more toes, and bending the wire to form the toes into feet. Make sure the legs are the same length, and check that these wire legs will stand on their own after shaping.




Step 3

Pinch the bigger end of the peanut shape to form a tail, making it as long as you desire. Push the wire legs into the bottom of the bird, and smooth with your finger to cover the hole.

Push the wings into place, in a downward angle. Test the bird to make sure that it stands up. If you have any problems with the bird standing on its feet, make the tail longer for extra support.

Step 4

Using a stylus or piercing tool, press the tip into the spots where you want the eyes to go. Place the tiny black balls you made into these holes.

Roll the beak ball into a cone shape, and press onto the front to form the beak.

Step 5

If you would like to have an open beak, use a craft knife to cut the beak carefully. Also use the craft knife to open the beak to desired amount. Smooth all rough areas, and place on a cookie sheet. Bake at the temperate and time duration as stated on the packaging your clay came in. DO NOT handle the clay before it has sufficient enough time to cool after baking.






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