Glitter Glass Ornament

Step 1
Start with a clear glass ornament shape. Attach a hanger if it is not already attached, so it can be used as a handle.
Step 2
Take new or used wrapping paper that has a clear image (not too many tiny details) and cut out two pictures that are the same size. Photographs may also be used, but be careful as they can smear easier than wrapping paper.
Step 3
Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge gloss finish to the backside of the first image and press it onto the center of the ornament.
Step 4
Pour a generous amount of diamond dust (crushed glass glitter) onto a plate. Coat that entire side of the ornament with the Mod Podge. Press the ornament face down into the plate of diamond dust.
Step 5

Repeat step 4 on the opposite side of the ornament, using your brush handle to press the ornament into the plate of diamond dust, so as not to damage the first side. The ornament will look milky at first, but when completely dry it will become clear and the image will be better seen.


Before drying:


After drying:


Additional Notes

Plastic glitter is better to use when doing this project with children, as the crushed glass diamond dust can be dangerous to use with young kids. Be very careful when working with diamond dust. Extra precautions should be taken when handling items made with this crushed glass glitter, as well as cleaning up the work area after projects have been completed. I use a damp paper towel to wipe surfaces rather than my bare hand.The snowman head seen below is made using the same process with Mod Podge and diamond dust. However, the snowman face was painted in advance with glass enamel paints. Be sure to allow paint to dry completely before using the Mod Podge and diamond dust.



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