Plant Pot Bunny


Step 1

Using a terra cotta pot of any size, and two saucers that are proportionally smaller than the pot, paint all three pieces white, off-white or any color you desire your bunny to be. Regular acrylic paint can be used if this bunny will be staying inside. Otherwise, use a garden or outdoor acrylic paint brand. Fold a piece of “fun foam” or felt in half, and cut so that you end up with two ears joined in the middle by a thin connection.



Step 2

Paint the cheeks and nose onto the pot with rose colored acrylic paint. Also tint the inside of the ears with the same color. If you choose to use wooden plugs for eyes, paint them black before attaching. Later, a dot of white paint can be added as a highlight in the eyes. Wiggle eyes are a great alternative, especially when doing this craft with kids. Using a paint marker, draw on mouth line and whiskers, as well as eyebrows if desired.

Use tacky glue to glue on the eyes if this bunny will be kept inside. Otherwise, use an outdoor glue.

Step 3

Squeezing the ears tightly at their connection, force this to tightly fit through the hole at the top of the pot. Glue if this does not fit very tightly.

Using an outdoor glue or E6000 Industrial glue, glue the saucer feet together touching, then glue the plant pot on top of the feet. Hot glue can be used to temporarily connect these pieces until they are completely dry. Hot glue will not hold the pieces together by itself. Do not allow hot glue to mix into the outdoor or industrial glue. Just place some beside.
Using a ball of fiber fill as the tail, glue to the back of the pot.

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