Recycled Wraps


Step 1

Purchase a snowflake stencil, or make your own. Using a small stencil brush, dip into the paint so only the end of the brush is loaded. Dap off some onto a scrap piece of paper, so only a small amount of paint is on the brush.



Step 2

Gently dab the paint over the stencil cutout. Carefully lift the stencil to reveal the snowflakes.




Step 3

Put a small dot of glue in the center of each snowflake, as well as extra dots here and there around the stenciled snowflakes. Sprinkle glitter over the glue areas, and shake off the excess. Allow to dry.




Step 4

Using scrapbooking scissors, trim around the edge of the paper you have stenciled, as well as the top of the brown lunch bag to make a nicer finished edge. Save scraps of paper in case you want to glue them on as trim later. Glue this finished stenciled paper onto the front of the brown paper bag.



Step 5

Attach ribbon, yarn, raffia or jute on the inside or outside of the bag for a handle. If attaching to the outside, tie a knot first, for a more finished look.


You can make a little matching card from recycled wrapping paper with snowmen printed on it. Just cut out the snowmen and glue it on a piece of card-stock. Add glitter using the same technique as above.


Step 1

Taking a wooden cut-out ornament (you can also cut your own shape from a piece of card-stock, or file folder), place on a small scrap of paper or card-stock. Spray walnut ink on top of the cut-out shape, but be sure to put a large piece of scrap paper, or cardboard under this to avoid the over-spraying getting onto the surface you’re working on. Carefully life the cut-out shape to reveal your design. Allow to dry completely (should take a few minutes).






Step 2

To complete this to look like the sample picture, cut out your shape, and glue onto another scrap of paper or card-stock of a contrasting color. Follow step 4 and 5 from the other brown bag project. Add little pine cones or other naturals, and finish with a piece of raffia for the handle.


Step 3

To make the gift tag shown, I cut a star from a scrap of cardstock, then sprayed it with the walnut ink. Glue it to cardstock of the same color, and glue on raffia to complete.


Additional Notes

A piece of homespun fabric can be used as a background on the bag. Scraps of Christmas trimmings can be used for a different variety of this brown bag project, as shown in picture below.


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